Denkert Glove Card Cash Wallet by When it was a game

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Fulfilled by our friends at When it was a game 

Mitchell Denkert founded M. Denkert & Co. in 1900 in Johnstown, NY. This was one of the famous glove cities of New York whose main industry was tanning leather and making of all type of gloves. M. Denkert was known for the manufacture of leather sporting goods, such as footballs, basketballs and baseball gloves.

Handcrafted from a Denkert M223 model baseball glove, we’ve put a unique spin on this wallet by stitching on a card holder pocket to the back of the wallet for added functionality in carrying cards or loose, folded cash bills. You are getting another couple card pocket holders on the inside as well. Measuring 2.75" by 4”, the look and feel of this Denkert leather screams vintage. Take a look at all the pictures and enjoy!