Lou Gehrig Carved Leather Art Wallet by When it was a game

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Fulfilled by our friends at When it was a game

When you talk and think about finding something unique and one of a kind, this should be what you have in mind. We have an artist on hand who has free hand carved the likeness of Lou Gehrig onto this leather wallet.

It’s hard to describe just how special this type of work is. The detail is absolutely incredible and you really need to browse through all the pictures we have taken to get a feel for how intricate the image is. The image is raised off the wallet, much like a 3-D picture.

This leather art has been hand drawn, hand carved, hand painted, and hand stitched into this magnificent work of art leather billfold. Take a few minutes to soak up all the hand carved details.

We wouldn’t be upset if you chose to purchase and not even carry because this is truly a special piece of art work. Closer measurements of this wallet are 4.5” by 3.75”. If you have any questions about this wallet or any of our wallets, don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy!