Mickey Mantle Player Graphic Bi-Fold Wallet by When it was a game

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Fulfilled by our friends at When it was a game 

Among the many lessons Mutt (Mickey’s father) taught Mickey was the need to develop as a switch-hitter. Mutt believed that future managers would embrace a platoon system allowing right-handed hitters to face only lefty pitchers and vice-versa. Mickey was naturally right-handed, and had no interest in hitting from the left side. But his father pressed him, and Mickey relented, though it took a while for him to embrace the practice fully: “Dad would pitch to me right-handed and I would hit lefty; Grandpa would pitch to me lefty and I’d bat righty. That’s how they taught me to switch hit.”

We’ve taken a Rawlings 64-437 Player Graphic model baseball glove and handcrafted this gorgeous bi-fold wallet. Anywhere you look on the wallet, you are getting vintage details left and right. From Mick’s classic signature to the player graphic to our customary red baseball stitching, this is a true head turner. Flip it open to the inside and you’re going to find more baseball leather to form the card load pockets for a nice added touch. A full length cash slot rounds out the functionality portion of the wallet. Closed measurements of this wallet are 4" by 3.85". Countless man hours are put into our wallets with a level of care you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy!