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Meet The Designer of The Urban Charm, Lani Harmony

Lani Harmony has a passion for designing costume, fashion and fine jewelry. She has spent 15 years perfecting and advancing her talent for creating designs that are functional and wearable for all ages. Her designs reflect originality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail which have earned her prestigious awards such as the “Best of Palm Desert”, Jewelry Designer of the Year; "Best Businesses of Long Beach; and she was recently nominated as the recipient of the North American Excellence Award 2017 -"Best Woman-Owned Jewelry & Accessories Design Company - USA", Awarded by: Corp America. Her art and jewelry designs have been featured in blogs, newsletters, museums, galleries, tv shows, movies, restaurants, salons, boutiques and magazines. Her collections incorporate pieces that are durable, lightweight, functional and stylish; allowing the wearer a multitude of ways to mix and match and create their own unique styles. Her biggest passion is custom work and collaborating with amazing artists, designers and brands. Lani says the name the Urban Charm came from her love of the city and appreciation for the charms of life.

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