Jewelry Experiences

It’s Hammer Time!! 

Ready to grab your favorite parachute pants and Hammer it Out with The Urban Charm? It’s not just a jewelry making class—it's a transformative experience designed to help you clear out old mental clutter while crafting a personalized pair of earrings. In this unique workshop, participants will have the opportunity to express themselves artistically by physically; or metaphorically; hammering out their stress and worries onto one of our lures of love earring styles.

Guided by experienced instructor Lani Harmony from The Urban Charm, you'll begin with a focused tapping meditation, learn a few jewelry 101 basics, then begin to hammer out your own pair of earrings with some reflective journaling and then finish off by personalizing and decorating your designs. The rhythmic hammering process will serve as a therapeutic outlet, allowing you to release tension and negative thoughts while focusing on creating something new and meaningful.

Using a variety of materials such as beads, gemstones, or enamel paints, you'll decorate your earrings, turning them into personalized works of art that reflect your inner journey of clearing out mental clutter and embracing renewal.

Throughout the class, you'll also engage in mindfulness exercises and self-reflection prompts, encouraging a deeper connection with your emotions and intentions. By the end of "Hammer it Out," not only will you walk away with a stunning pair of earrings but also with a renewed sense of clarity, creativity, and inner peace.

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