ONLINE COURSE: Jewelry Factory: Master Class: Designing and Manufacturing Fashion Jewelry

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Course Description: 

In Award winning Jewelry Designer, Lani Harmony’s class, “Jewelry Factory: Designing and Manufacturing Fashion Jewelry  in USA”, she focuses on guiding you through the process of bringing your jewelry designs to life while preparing a design proposal to share with factories when sourcing  manufacturers to partner with as well as potential investors.


Class Name: The Urban Charm Jewelry Masterclass

The Urban Charm Jewelry Masterclass is an immersive and comprehensive course designed to provide you with a deep understanding of jewelry, specifically focusing on the differences between costume, fashion, and fine jewelry. Through this class, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical skills that will empower you to create your own unique designs, develop product specifications, and manage a budget effectively. Additionally, you will learn about the intricate manufacturing process involved in creating jewelry, with a particular emphasis on products made in the USA.

Course Highlights:
1. Understanding Jewelry Categories: Explore the distinctions between costume, fashion, and fine jewelry, including their materials, craftsmanship, and market positioning.
2. Design Creation: Learn the fundamentals of jewelry design, including sketching techniques, concept development, and translating ideas into tangible designs.
3. Product Specification Sheet: Discover how to create detailed product specification sheets that outline materials, dimensions, gemstones, metals, and any other relevant information for your designs.
4. Budget Management: Gain insights into effectively managing a budget for jewelry production, including cost estimation, sourcing materials, and optimizing resources.
5. Manufacturing Process: Dive into the manufacturing process of jewelry, with a focus on products made in the USA. Explore techniques like machines, engineering, casting processes, tools, stone setting, polishing, finishing and more.
6. Quality Control and Assurance: Understand the importance of maintaining quality standards in jewelry production and learn techniques for ensuring the durability and aesthetic appeal of your designs.
7. Market Insights: Explore current jewelry trends, consumer preferences, and market analysis to develop designs that resonate with target audiences.

By the end of The Urban Charm Jewelry Masterclass, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to create your own jewelry designs, manage the production process, and understand the nuances of different jewelry categories and manufacturing processes. Whether you aspire to launch your own jewelry brand or simply have a passion for jewelry design, this masterclass will equip you with the expertise to excel in the world of jewelry.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Master Class

This class was very informative and helpful. Being new to the jewelry industry I needed guidance on how to go about manufacturing my designs and this class made it so easy for me to understand. Everything was simple to follow and easy to work with.